Hello 2016: Updates for the New Year

Hi Everyone and Happy New Year! (I know, I'm late to the game)

I wanted to take some time to shed some updates on new blogs that I'll be posting about in addition to the JavaScript/CSS/HTML - Nintex Forms posts. 

I'm lucky enough to be a Technical Evangelist for Nintex, which means I get to travel all over North America and speak at User Groups, Conferences, SharePoint Saturdays and other gatherings. I usually get to talk about some awesome things you do with Nintex Workflow/Forms/Mobile and I'd like to be able to show some of those talks with those that are not able to join me at the conferences. 

For those that are able to join, I'd love it if we can continue our talks here about whatever topic was discussed or any additional topic you'd like to cover. 

The point of these blog posts are to make end users more enabled to design cooler looking, more functional forms, and if you are only able to see what I post on the blog and not what I talk about at speaking engagements, then I'm only supplying you with half as much content. 

So here's to an awesome 2016 and all the content we will cover!